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Odyssey Online Ordering Features

Tablet point-of -sale Integration

If you are a traveling salesmen, as store that is on the move, or just attending expo’s and product shows all around the country. Odyssey also offers and integrated tablet point of sale system that allows you to sell at remote locations even without internet.

  • Go completely offline but still have control over what stock was sold and at what price.
  • Link to various cash drawers and slip printers.
  • Allow various payment methods, Cash, card etc.

Awesome Customizations

Get you online store up and running in no time – without costing you an arm and a leg. With our easy to use customization options you can have your brand all over your store in minutes.

Fast and Reliable

If there’s anything that turns away paying customers its slow, unresponsive online stores. Odyssey Online is exactly the opposite – Fast and Responsive with rich content, makes for a great shopping experience.

Quick and Secure Payments

We link to major payment gateways like PayFast and PayGate. Rest assure that the money will roll in as your customers click “PAY NOW”.

Shipping options

Odyssey also allow you to offer Shipping options during the payment process. You can define various shipping methods for your customer with the relevant costs. You can also encourage them to shop more by offering FREE shipping for orders above a certain amount.

Integrated Loyalty Card System

Odyssey allows you to take your customer relationship to the next level with our integrated loyalty system. You can now track customer interest and communicate with your customer on a level that they understand.

  • Send email or SMS notifications on their birthdays.
  • Send the automated emails or SMS message of new specials.
  • Reward them for their buying experience. The more they shop the more they get back.

Integrated Back Office

As with most other e-stores or ecommerce sites, for you as the owner it is always a mission maintaining items, prices and uploading pictures. Odyssey has taken it a step further and now as you create new product lines in your online back office, your online e-store is automatically updated. The link between your e-store is live when using our online back office. You can access your business from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser on your laptop or tablet.

  • Item descriptions, prices and pictures are automatically maintained.
  • Product Specials you create in the back-office immediately reflect in your online store.
  • Stock on hand values are immediately reflected as you sell on both sites.
  • Odyssey support color/size matrix so the user can specify the correct product.
  • Complete stock control with customer accounts and supplier accounts.
  • Specify Related product to give the customer a better online experience.
  • Specify alternative products to give your customer more choices.
  • If you have a food online store you can specify cooking instructions.
  • Automated email and SMS processes.
    • Client will receive an emailed invoice immediately after placing order.
    • You can specify to send client SMS notifications.
    • Your administration department will receive new order details.
  • Specify your own shipping methods.
  • Specify your own payment methods.