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Development on the ODYSSEY Software started in 1998 and has, since then, grown into a leading global point-of-sale package. With over 18 years programming and retail experience, well-trained employees and innovative improvements in our products, we provide top corporate and general retail clients with the best sales and after sales service. ODYSSEY develops and supports point-of-sale products sold nationally and internationally. Our company is a recognized leader in the point-of-sale, network support and maintenance service industry.

With our head office in Bloemfontein and more that 18 branches and agencies nationwide, we are obligated to meet the total needs of our customers. With over 9000 packages sold nationwide in small to medium-size businesses, ODYSSEY has proven itself to be highly competitive. Thanks to these successes and to a comprehensive re-seller channel build up over ten years, ODYSSEY is now one of the largest suppliers of point-of-sale software in South Africa.

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